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MYALL LAKES RALLY - 3rd September 2016


The rally is over for another year! Thank you to Richard Houghton, Graham and Judy Humphreys for all their hard work leading up to the event and in HQ yesterday. Thank you to Dave Watson who did so many jobs - even miraculously getting a UVP for a competitor so they could run! Thank you to Rob O'Toole for his role at HQ yesterday and to the CAMS Stewards. A big massive thanks to our set up crew who do so much work before the event and at each rally and are always the first ones up and the last ones back at HQ - Brad Armstrong, Damian Watson, Bob Davies, Tom Flegl and Chris Judge. Thanks to Dad (Carlos Casmiri) for scrutineering the cars. Thank you to our "0" cars and to Coal/Laurie our checker. Thanks to our St Johns First Aid crews who are always fantastic. Thank you - the biggest thank you of all - to all the officials who volunteered to be at each start control, finish control and road closures - you are all awesome. Thank you to the competitors who supported the event - it was great to see you all and I hope you enjoyed the event even though it was slightly shortened. A big thanks to APS Transmissions (Phil Griffin) for coming on board at the last minute to sponsor the event. I appreciate every one of you and I hope to see you all again at the next event or at the 2017 Myall Lakes Rally.


1st Outright: J.Giddins / K.Fletcher
2nd Outright: D.Opie / K.Pearce
3rd Outright: D.Darby / S.Griffis

1st DRS Driver: D.Darby
1st DRS Co-Driver: S.Griffis
2nd DRS Driver: M.Valantine
2nd DRS Co-Driver: E.Valantine
3rd DRS Driver: B.Moore
3rd DRS Co-Driver: D.Gray

1st DRS4 Driver: J.Giddins
1st DRS4 Co-Driver: M.Willard
2nd DRS4 Driver: M.Beard
2nd DRS4 Co-Driver: W.Fry
3rd DRS4 Driver: S.Corner
3rd DRS4 Co-Driver: T.Rogers

1st HRS Driver: P.Lavis
1st HRS Co-Driver: T.Lavis
2nd HRS Driver: J.Newton
2nd HRS Co-Driver: D.Mowett
3rd HRS Driver: A.Mowett
3rd HRS Co-Driver: I.Packard


This year NDDC will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Myall Lakes Rally. The exceptional event set in Bulahdelah on the mid-north coast of NSW, will also be Round 5 of the 2016 Techworkz Development Rally Series (DRS, DRS4) & Round 5 of the 2016 Hyundai Rally Series (HRS).

The compact event will feature some of the best roads in the area with a distance of 102km competitive. The event will feature a  central service area at the Bulahdelah Showground and will also cater for the low-budget competitors with camping available within the showground.

Again this year the event will also include the Myall Lakes Introductory Rally and competitors who are eager to move up from rallysprints can get a chance to taste what a real rally is all about and compete in the first loop of the rally (51km competitive). 

Make sure you add the Myall Lakes Rally to your event calendar and support the only CAMS rally in the area.

If you would like to know more about the event, please email treasurer@nddc.com.au or contact Adriana Pallister - Event Secretary on 0418 611 224.


Entries Flowing in Fast for the 2016 Myall Lakes Rally!

Get your entry in now so you don't miss out on this fantastic event.

Myall Lakes Rally Joins the Techworkz Development Rally Series

NDDC are proud to announce the inclusion of the Myall Lakes Rally to the Techworkz Development Rally Series

2016 Meeting Dates

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